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Technical debt: hidden costs

Over time, code can get into a poor state. This is usually the result of features being added which were not foreseen or planned for at the time the software was originally designed, or temporary fixes which have become a permanent part of the code base.

However it has come about, the end result is the same: poor performance and cost-effectiveness. Usually this will result in stressed and overstretched development and support teams and users who are unhappy with the system.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. We can help!

What's the process?

You may be wanting to add to an existing system or start a new development which will need to work with existing code. Whatever challenge you are facing, a complete review of the current status of your code will give you peace of mind and allow you to move forwards.

We’ll look at how maintainable, secure and scalable your current code is. We’ll also determine how it performs in terms of reliability, security and speed.

We’ll provide you with a full report containing all the key facts and metrics. We’ll also give you a list of prioritised practical recommendations, so you can immediately start improving your system.

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