Requirements gathering

Building an understanding

Requirements gathering is the most important part of a software development project. The implementation cannot succeed without fully understanding what is to be implemented, from all aspects. 

The more questions that are asked, the more fully the problem is understood.

Requirements gathering is about building a full understanding of our client, their customers, their business model and their aims. We do all we can to understand these as fully as possible. We’ll analyse competitors and research the market, interview staff members, run workshops, speak directly to users and carry out surveys.

Software that meets your goals

Having clearly-defined objectives is essential to enable measurement of the success of the project. Our expertise in requirements gathering will bring all stakeholders together and provide very clear objectives, ensuring everyone has the same understanding of the goals to be met.

At the same time as determining the goals and how the success will be measured, we’ll work with you to identify your key user groups. We’ll talk directly with your users to learn about their usage and expectations .

The information gathered during this phase of working with your stakeholders and users will ensure that the software you receive exceeds expectations.

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Requirements Gathering

Requirements gathering is the most important part of a software development project.

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